Through the years, we have gained invaluable experience in assisting companies along their globalization process.  We can now offer advice and assistance in:

  • Studying the convenience of new foreign operations (costs/benefits analysis);
  • Research on internal and EU tax reliefs for new investments;
  • Helping your business migration in a different Country;
  • Transferring part of your business process abroad (e.g. production, customer satisfaction, and more);
  • Finding foreign partners for your financial or insurance needs, as well as suppliers of goods and services;
  • Protecting and managing your company’s international trademarks, patents and knowledge base;
  • Meeting and exceeding cross-border transaction needs.

We can guide you through foreign jurisdictions, keeping cost reduction in mind, thus providing:

  • Studies and research on the best opportunities indifferent Countries;
  • Analysis of foreign jurisdictions and relevant business laws, including regulations on trademarks, patents and know-how;
  • Research on foreign tax systems;
  • Research on foreign social security systems;
  • Analyses on cost of labour and studies on foreign labour laws;
  • Updated reports on banking, insurance and local compliance on regulations;
  • Research on enterprise tax relief in the target jurisdiction (e.g. tax breaks) and on EU finance (e.g. financial funding for start-ups, entrepreneurs and companies).
Advice and Assistance

In the past five years we have increased our investments in order to globalize our organization, boost our knowledge base and multiply relationships. Today, we are leading suppliers in counselling and assisting on:

  • Incorporation of companies in different jurisdictions: industrial, commercial and holding companies, in order to protect tangible (e.g. art collections) and intangible (e.g. trademarks) assets;
  • Accountancy, bookkeeping, legal assistance, tax advising and relations with Public Offices;
  • Incorporation of foreign branches;
  • Various contracts: joint ventures, supply, distribution, escrow, agency, etc.;
  • Transfer of your company’s registered offices in a different jurisdiction;
  • Obtaining licenses to operate in foreign countries;
  • Cross-border transactions and operations such as mergers, splits, purchase and sale of shares, purchase and sale of companies and branches, management buyouts, sales of receivables, capital increase, issuance of bonds, liquidation and striking off of companies, insolvency;
  • Nominee shareholders and nominee directors.

We assure you that any transaction and operation will be carried out in the selected jurisdiction with the assistance of our qualified, in situ experts. On our website blog you can find useful insights, with case studies and in-depth papers.

Please go to our CONTACTS page for any specific request or assistance.





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